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New Releases
.All In One (2015).
.All In One (2015).
.Besic Electrical & Electronic Engineering (2015).
.Electrical Circuits (2015).
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.Manorama Yearbook 2015.
.All In One(2014-15).
Driven by the zeal "Enlightening Lives through Education", we ardently endeavor to bring in an optimistic transformation in the education arena through meaningful, resourceful, comprehensive, innovative and inspiring academic study material.

Our flagship books, Spectrum All-in-One for B.Tech and M.B.A students, Pharma Plus Publications, for B.Pharm students and Sure Publications for M.C.A students, have gained incomparable adulation, acceptance and appreciation of both the student fraternity as well as the academicians, for their ease in understanding, economical value and effectiveness.

Our primary focus will always remain delivering the best in terms of the quality, reliability and affordability of our books. Our unflinching faith in the basic tenet that, education is not something that could be compromised upon of the reading audience.